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My only regret in life is that I did not drink more wine
— Ernest Hemingway

Wine List

The philosophy behind the wine list at Fiorino Ristorante is to offer our neighborhood and business guests a diversified selection of styles, regions and price ranges, while concentrating on wines that offer value and feature versatility. Our wines by the bottle range from $25 a bottle up to $3,000.

We offer about a dozen wines by the glass ranging from $10 for a clean Tuscan Chianti Classico to $20 for a premium glass of Barolo or a Napa Cabernet.

The wine list at Fiorino Ristorante is carefully crafted to compliment the menu offerings our chef prepares while also maintaining a diverse portfolio of traditional and biodynamic vineyards.


While we apologize for not being able to allow guests to bring in their own wines or other beverages, we have put significant time and consideration into crafting a selection that offers incredible well-known and lesser-known wines and spirits at every conceivable price point.  Whether you choose to stick with one of your favorites or try something new and exciting, we’ve got you covered.